Six Sigma Game

A political thought experiment

Imagine what would happen if Ted Cruz got on the air with Rush Limbaugh and dropped a hint along the lines of:

Well, gosh, Rush. There’s so much more we can do with enough support from the grassroots. We only need a little creativity and a little courage. Off the top of my head, here’s one way to draw a sharp distinction between us and the statists who run Washington.

The next Republican nominee for president should make a solemn vow that his first official act after his inauguration will be to revoke every single Executive Order that Barack Obama has ever signed — every last one of ’em — and he should promise to do it on the Capitol steps, in former President Obama’s presence, immediately after taking the Oath of Office.

I’m not kidding. He should promise to pull that Executive Order of liberation out of his coat pocket, with his pen and phone in hand, and sign it sixty seconds after he says “so help me God” and the applause dies down.

I’ll betcha if the nominee swore to do that, the folks in Washington would finally start listening to us then.

Ted Cruz smilingThat’d get some people a-thinkin’. I’d feel a twinge of exhilaration, for a change.

Then imagine Rush asking him if he has other fresh ideas, and Ted casually suggesting vigorous investigations and indictments of all corrupt and oppressive Executive Branch officials from previous administrations. No professional courtesy. No mercy. No pardons. Bare knuckled prosecution of lawlessness.

I can picture him calmly delivering those bombshells with his slight drawl, his characteristically upbeat tone, and a hint of that trademark smirk on his face.

I think I know exactly what would happen next. Progressives would be apoplectic, and conservative campaign donations would inundate his site.


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