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Like pouring holy water on a vampire

How do feminists react to the unvarnished views of men? As Sunshine Mary understands, they recoil and lash out:

And this, I believe, is why feminists hate the manosphere so very much. They have to hear that they have failed; they have silenced men in the public arena, but online all’s fair in love and war and free speech, and they have to hear, possibly for the first time, what men really think. And they hate it because it is scary. It is scary to imagine that men will stop doing what they are told by women to do. It is scary to feminists in particular because, instead of being dependent on one man like I am, they are dependent on men as a group to fund them.

As Mary has discovered, our polite mouthing of PC platitudes when we’re face-to-face reveals nothing about our thoughts:

Men pay the majority of taxes in the United States. Without men’s taxes, student financial aid for Women’s Studies degrees will dry up. Without men’s taxes, baby mamas will starve. Without men financing it, women who are being placed into corporate leadership simply as a response to affirmative action and who then quit these jobs after a year to write tear-filled articles in the Atlantic about work-life balance, demanding even more subsidies from men to ensure that women never need to suffer the consequences for their stupid choices, will cease. I only have to manage my husband’s opinion of me in order to secure his provisioning; feminists have to control all men’s opinions of them in order to secure their provisioning. Hence the need to regulate how men perceive women, and a noticeable outpouring of fire ants from the feminist colony any time a group of men starts to express negative views of modern women. The reality of men’s views is very scary to women.

You have not converted a man because you have silenced him.

— John, Viscount Morley, On Compromise, 1874.

feminist literatureNews flash, feminists: nobody has the hots for you. At least, no masculine alpha males do. That’s why your dating pool is as shallow as a parking lot puddle. Your masculinized attitude and your fetish for collecting professional accolades will limit you to snagging an unattractive, doughy schlub for a partner, if you can get a man to commit at all. Real men — the kind you secretly burn for in ways you’ll never admit — want nothing to do with you beyond a quickie in the bathroom at your favorite club.

After all, when’s the last time you saw lefty heavy hitters and self-proclaimed “male feminists” like George Clooney, Ryan Gosling, George Soros, Jay-Z, Adam Levine, or Daniel Craig caught on camera snuggling poolside with a flabby and average-looking human resources manager over 30 … and who’s quite vocal about sexual inequality? Even these alpha males that you think of as your allies will only commit to young, hot, sexy, submissive babes. Go ahead and check the tabloids. I’ll wait.

If one of you homely and unpleasant creatures managed to approach a guy from that social stratum and offer yourself to him, he’d react like you just handed him a bacon, lettuce, and dog shit sandwich. All high-value heterosexual men with options want feminine, pretty, sweet, deferential women. They don’t want you, and what you’ll find in the liberating free speech venue of the manosphere proves it.

We're all laughing at you

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