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Stopping statism by killing statists?

I’ve been following The Anonymous Conservative’s exploration of r/K Theory and its implications for a couple of months. Up until now, I’ve agreed with just about every conclusion A.C. has reached when examining the theory’s premises.

Today is different because A.C. just posted an idea that gives me serious pause.

The post starts with a clip from a reality show during which oddball actor Gary Busey (a possible sociopath) manipulated rock star Meat Loaf into a hyper-aggressive emotional meltdown. The video is fascinating, and most of A.C.’s analysis plausibly explains how and why r-type people cause so much social unrest and upheaval, even when it serves no long-term useful purpose.

The problem pops up when A.C. starts thinking about how to prevent the population of r-type Americans from causing mass unrest among K-type Americans. A.C. ponders a strategy of killing r-type civilians if American society degrades enough (emphasis mine, in bold):

The danger for us K-strategists is, we tend to fight without thinking clearly, when we approach Meat’s level of amygdala stimulation – and that level of amygdala stimulation is almost the only time we will actually fight. This can lead us to be easily manipulated by r-strategists into fighting other K-strategists. Few Conservatives, pissed that the Federal government is seizing their guns, will hunt down the nearest unarmed Liberal rabbit hiding in their bedroom, and kill them in cold blood in their own house, as the rabbit pleads their helplessness and innocence.

On top of all of this, we have Liberals who, like Gary Busey, instinctively know how to draw out violent urges, and who are almost programmed to pit K-strategists against each other. This is how r-strategists operate and occasionally win. The only way to prevent it is to decide intellectually that when the violence starts, you will only target the unarmed rabbits who engendered it, and you will drive them from your land, no matter how unpleasant the endeavor. Any other path may lead to r-strategists clamping down tyranny and oppression, to assuage within them an amygdala that cannot tolerate stress. In great irony, letting it be known that you intend to follow that path may be the only thing which can stop the rabbits from fomenting war as K-selection approaches.

Unless I’ve misunderstood, A.C. advocates mass murder of civilians who, in peaceful times of prosperity, assumed that the infinite growth of the state was a good idea. Three major concerns come immediately to mind.

  1. MORAL: On what grounds would it be morally licit? The masses of sheep that we sheepdogs currently protect are inherently childlike in their reasoning. Even if their foolishness causes an economic or societal collapse, they will not be as morally culpable as the statist politicians and activists. It’s a mens rea thing. We punish premeditated murder more harshly than negligent manslaughter, even though each results in homicide. Surely there are strategies for dealing with the idiot sheep that are better than mass murder. At a minimum, we can simply refuse to help them rather than hunt them down en masse.
  2. PRACTICAL: How can millions of K-type people reliably identify the right r-type victims for execution without murdering people who don’t deserve it? How do the K-type executioners retain their humanity and avoid prosecution after the bloodbath ends? What kind of society arises afterward, if not a radically peacenik r-type one like modern Germany or Japan?
  3. POLITICAL/LEGAL: Even if it’s somehow morally justifiable and logistically practical to mass murder r-type people, how is it wise to advertise one’s intent to slaughter them if things go feral? They’ll have you locked up in prison — or the loony bin — in short order.

I’ll post more objections if they come to mind.


4 comments on “Stopping statism by killing statists?

  1. intuitivereason
    February 10, 2014

    To be blunt, we’ve done it before. Here in Tasmania, it was done in the 1830’s. In a mix of slaughter and exile, the whole island was cleared of Aboriginals.

    It’s not much talked about even now.

    I don’t know on what basis it could be considered moral. Generally it occurs almost as a matter of survival – a true K strategy occurrence. Sort of the equivalent of Asimov’s zeroth law. For the group to survive, those not of the group must be eliminated. In any other context it is unconscionable.

    In Tasmania, detection was simple because it was a matter or race, and the races were easily distinguished. Today, there are two options. Either plans are made and lists are drawn up, or mobs rule. Almost certainly, both will occur. In this again conservatives are at a disadvantage; progressives will feel not such compunction. If it is at any scale, it will develop into a war like Yugoslavia did. If it is local, it will end up a police matter.

    It’s hard to even write about; might be necessary to read stuff from the revolutionary era to get a feel for it. Someone will have written of it.

  2. Heaviside
    May 4, 2014

    >On what grounds would it be morally licit?

    “The principle that the end justifies the means is and remains the only rule of political ethics.”

    >How can millions of K-type people reliably identify the right r-type victims for execution without murdering people who don’t deserve it?

    Can’t make an omlette without breaking a few eggs.

    >How do the K-type executioners retain their humanity

    Why would they need such cheap and tawdry hand-me-downs when they would have achieved super-humanity?

    >and avoid prosecution after the bloodbath ends?

    We will be the prosecution! Can you imagine a Vyshinsky in our own image, shrieking that the insufficiently right wing should be killed, tortured, and their families shipped off in boxcars?

  3. bookooball
    January 29, 2015

    Simply give them the noose, they’ll hang themselves.

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