Six Sigma Game

A political thought experiment

Imagine what would happen if Ted Cruz got on the air with Rush Limbaugh and dropped a hint along the lines of: Well, gosh, Rush. There’s so much more we … Continue reading

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What a difference a month of Ebola makes

Ever heard the term “breach of protocol” on the news? Here are the September and October versions.

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Examples of opposing r/K strategists

Yes, I was bored this morning. Sue me. If you’ve never heard of r/K Theory and its relevance to politics, it’s time to learn.

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Like pouring holy water on a vampire

How do feminists react to the unvarnished views of men? As Sunshine Mary understands, they recoil and lash out: And this, I believe, is why feminists hate the manosphere so … Continue reading

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How to fight back against aggro feminist trolls

After prominent Manosphere writer Roosh asked whether Sarah C. Nelson committed libel, I suspect she regretted her choices. The Google search results for her name serve as a pointed warning … Continue reading

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Stopping statism by killing statists?

I’ve been following The Anonymous Conservative’s exploration of r/K Theory and its implications for a couple of months. Up until now, I’ve agreed with just about every conclusion A.C. has … Continue reading

February 8, 2014 · 4 Comments

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